PTCL EVO configuration for 3G routers

If you are like me, trying to configure PTCL EVO with some kind of 3G router (portable or fixed) to distribute PTCL EVO among multiple systems. Here are the configurations required

Dial in number: #777
Password: ptcl
APN: (leave blank)

Save settings and reboot the router. Questions? feel free to ask me in the comments below

156 thoughts on “PTCL EVO configuration for 3G routers

  1. I want to reset my router’s setting because i doubt that it is visible to others and is being shared by others also without my permission. In its webpage it is showing 2/5 users. What does it means?

    • It means 2 users are connected to the device out of 5 total. These portable modems allow 5 maximum users to be connected simultaneously.

      You are right that your internet is being shared with someone else. Please login to the control panel to change the wifi secret

    • you can reset your router settings by long pressing the WPS button your router will restart and will be like new 1 ….

  2. I have Evo Wingle 9.3 Mpbs. I have tried same settings in my TP-Link Modem Router
    TD-W8968 but it does not work. When i bought this model, there was a USB port in it without 3g support. But later firmwares update brought 3g support in this model. It can recognise my Evo Wingle 3g modem but is unable to connect to internet.

    I need to ask u one thing. Username and password are already in 3g modem setup then why we need to put same username/password in 3g Router setup also? It is duplication. Does it cause any issue?

    One more thing. Evo Wingle uses EVDO Rev B Network. I think if ur 3g router supports only Rev A instead of Rev then your 3g router will not be compatible with Evo Wingle


  3. Salaam Brother Asim
    I have a question for you actually I live out of Pakistan my family is back there my brother is using PTCL EVO the question is there any way to set up wifi with EVO?

  4. hello asim bhai..mjhey aik cheez poochni hai apse mere pass 3g evo wingle 9.3 usb hai magar uski speed slow hai aur purey house cover nhi karta hai.full coverage nhi deta kindly mjhey batadege konsa router lagao iske liye jo perfect chaley aur achi downloading speed dey..jisko kahi bhi rakhsako.


  5. salm…. mr asim, mara router kuch dar k bdh khud he disconnect ho jata hai. 5 sy 10 mint k bdh..
    model no TP_link TLMR3020 hai

  6. Hi,
    found your post really helpful but i am facing one issue. when i plug off my DW 113 dlink router and restart it again my usb does not connect automatically. i have to go to the router product page inorder to connect. can u please tell me how do i fix these setting so i dont have to keep on opening my laptop to connect the usb

  7. I have TP-Link MR-3420 ver 2.0 router and EVO Wingle device (Huawei EC315). I understand that I need to disable WiFi on EVO Wingle. But could you please give us the complete setup instructions? That would help a lot of people.


  8. my problem is when i connect wingle ti appears that “connection failed please try later if problem persists contact the service provider ”
    please tell me solution about this thanks in advance

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