PTCL EVO configuration for 3G routers

If you are like me, trying to configure PTCL EVO with some kind of 3G router (portable or fixed) to distribute PTCL EVO among multiple systems. Here are the configurations required

Dial in number: #777
Password: ptcl
APN: (leave blank)

Save settings and reboot the router. Questions? feel free to ask me in the comments below

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  1. I want to buy DLink 3G router DR-112. Can someone please confirm that EVO nitro working on that device???

    Arsalan? working?

  2. Asim Bhai coincidently my name is also asim, when we leave the blank to apn column and click next the message comes it should not be blank so the next window is not opening from which i can reboot the router. what should i do?

  3. Aslamualaikum Asim Bhai I am thinking about buying a wifi cloud device but its too expensive for me as i am a uni student and the problem with usb wifi device is that i cant connect my mobile with it.can u give me a solution ??
    Also with ur experience can u tell me an economical combination of usb device and wifi router just as u showed in ur tenda device blog and can u guide me that which service has the best ratio of coverage,speed and less charges ??
    BTW u r doing an excellent job by guiding novices like me

    • Shakaib, Wifi routers (like the one I reviewed above) will let you connect any mobile which has wifi feature in it.

      Secondly, there are now a number of Wifi/3G portable routers in the market that are affordable and you can use them easily BUT if you are talking about affordable EVDO packages? well consult PTCL about it, there are a number of packages.

      Coverage/Speed varies from area to area. In my area I get 3/4 signals and still be able to reach 3.1mpbs speed but in some areas the signals are poor. Again, you have to check how good the coverage is in your area by directly asking the OneStopShop in your area or borrowing one of your friends/co-workers EVDO to test. Personally I just keep EVDO as backup even though it performs extremely well, I use PTCL landline as my primary connection.

      Thanks for appreciating my efforts and this blog

    • this TP-LINK TL-MR3420 configures only to the place where 3g signals are received and where the evo 3g connects in Hybrid or CDMA signals it does not support. and this signal fluctuation is normal so i can say that this model is useless in pakistan for ptcl evo.

    • Dear, due to the popularity of this blog post, I contacted TPLink and Tenda to at least let me write reviews for their 100s of devices and then take those devices away but they are not interested in such.

      So, All I can say is follow the instructions as outlined above and the settings will be the same in whatever control panel/device you are using

  4. bhai i am using my EVO with EVDO mode, but i cant even download a 10 kb file. why? though i have checked it by the reprensentative in the office of ptcl but still it is downloading???

  5. I wanted to buy a buy a wifi router with battery backup. What should I do? Wifi tenda device by ptcl or any other device. Which one is best and which one cost less. Reply

    • The market is very volatile and these blog posts are more than a year old. I have tried Tenda’s battery model and it worked fine or me. Even it worked fine on 3G networks in Sri Lanka (I was there the last week). So, from my experience I recommend that. But you can check market for cheaper / good options

  6. i have problem it saying that uknow modem click here tp configure manually when i click than say upload 3g configure file. can any one tell me how to solve this prob

  7. Dear Asim…..can you let me know if any router can configure with ptcl evo wifi cloud because I want to use internet by Ethernet cable from ptcl evo wifi cloud

  8. Assalam-u-alaikum.. I have tp link mr3220 wifi router. I have configured all the setting for evo 3.1 but still facing a problem. When it connects , the internet access works for 5 seconds then again it appears as NO INTERNET ACCESS although the status shows that the device is connected ..

  9. I am trying to configure TP-Link TL-MR3220, after making all the settings, device is not picking up the IP adress. I tried it many times and reboot also. What should i do?

  10. Assalaoalaikum,

    How do we connect a EVO cloud with another wifi routers,

    As cloud has the limitation of only 5 users & I want to connect more with it through wifi router.

    Please reply fast if it is possible to connect,
    else I replace this device.

  11. salam
    its not related to the topic but can you guide me for i am getting only 1mb-1.5mb speed in lahore (note: i am receiving 4-5 signal bars ) but still the speed is very slow and the download speed is 140-150kbps

  12. Sir, i m facing problem from last 3 days after purchasing Evo Wingle. I was using Evo 3.1mb on my Tplink MR3220 Router and it was working perfect. after release of Wingle i purchased it but it is not working with my same router. I think there is any different way to configure it. i want to share internet through this router because i m using domain over Win Server 2008.

    Please help me on urgent basis and tell me how to configure EVO Wingle on my Tplink MR3220 Router.

    Muhammad Abdullah Chohan
    +92 300 5353463

  13. i bought TPlink MR3220 router today but cannot install it on my laptop windows 7 with PTCL Evo 3G EC178 Huwaei USB Modem…
    Can anyone help me on it? as when try to enter IP address it does not open as i plugged the usb on router..
    0332 2201167
    Tipu Sultan

  14. Salam,

    I can connect the EVO Nitro successfully with TP LINK MR420 but my evo 3.1 doesn’t connect. It keeps identifying and connecting and eventually disconnects. How come on does and the other doesn’t given the settings are the same.

    Thanks, awaiting your reply.

    • Do both devices work fine on Laptop? if thats so, It may be some issue with the router and you can check with vendor for any ROM updates etc. If the issue is the same on laptop, your EVDO device is not working properly and may need to go to claim warranty (if applicable)

  15. Dear Asim,

    I have PTCL Wingle and TP-Link 3g Router MR-3420. I am unable to connect Internet of Wingle through MR-3420. Please help me in this regards.


    Abdul Quyyum
    +92 333 5400191

  16. sir when i am connecting evo 3g wireless to internet it sys that access denaid or user password is wrong….but its all right ……

  17. Dear Asim,
    Indeed a job well done in your posts.
    Dear – I just want to know if I will be able to use internet on my desktop after pluggin the ptcl evo usb in the router, if yes then can you plz comment, how…


    • Plug EVDO in the 3G router, configure 3G router, secure the 3G router with strong pass phrases (or password). Connect from a laptop or desktop system using the builtin Wifi access card.

  18. I tried ptcl evo with tp link TL-MR3040 , connected in an instant and working like a charm , settings were same as mentioned in the link.

  19. sir i want router for 3g evo wingle i saw some router but not compatibility for mt wingle modem , wingle modem or version is EC315 you have any idea which router support this wingle modem and main purpose of router need is wingle wifi range not good so please tell me a router which support my 3g evo wingle

  20. I purchased EVO Wingle Nitro USB Device [ Huawei EC315-2 ].

    Can I plug this USB device to stronger WiFi 3G/3.5G router like TP-Link 3420 ?

  21. Anyone can tell me that what is difference between PTCL Evo 3G (huawei) Usb which is in black color and it has no crad slot option and other 3G evo 3.1 usb is in white color and it has card slot option.

    which result is good?and why they are different?

    • Aine, PTCL has contracts with different vendors to import EVDO devices. I also have one black and one white and it does not make any different performance wise. Yes there are some device specific benefits / drawbacks like the Huawei black device they used to sell in the start gives better signals then the ZTE devices (personal experience and test)

  22. Hi , I am trying to do same thing with D-Link DWR-113 Router , its not working . any suggestion what I need to do ? I am using this with my PTCL Evo device . .with above given setting detail . .

  23. I have D-Link DIR-412. Same settings were working with a previous EVO device. Misplaced that EVO device and got a new one Hawai EC-178. Now same setting are not working with this device. Any remedy?

  24. I am trying to set up a wireless connection using the PTCL EVO and the DWR-113 router. As instructed, I connect the router with the laptop, and plug in the USB in the router. When I open a browser and try to access the address, to configure the router, the website does not open! Can you tell me how to proceed? Is the router faulty, or am I doing something wrong?

  25. i have a tenda router named as “3g622R” i connect it to my laptop with wifi signals insert usb to router … login to after logged in i put evo dial number and many fields and reboot but my router always shows me no internet access!

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