Good bye, Hello HostDime

I have moved my blog *again* from XEN-PV VPS to Dedicated server, the reason for move? Well, a very very very attractive deal for a Core2Quad 8300 series server with 4GB RAM and 1TB drive.

Dont take it as if VPS was not stable, its VERY stable but the difference between my VPS and this dedicated server was very minor hence I made the move.

Besides, I still use’s VPS for redundant DNS hosting (cPanel-DNSonly)

7 thoughts on “Good bye, Hello HostDime

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  2. Would you like to share how much was the difference? I mean am on VooServers, how can you say there was a little difference in VooServer and HostDime price?

    • I have just sent you an email with the details. I still love VooServers and I love HostDime too so its not a provider bashing, its getting the best bang for your bucks as they say 🙂

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