Waqar Zaka from ‘Living on the EDGE’ is SICK

I never knew about Waqar Zaka until I saw a few videos from a friend’s wall on Facebook. I didn’t knew he was the singer in the song “Nahi parha main ne poora saal“.

The thing is, he SUCK very bad, he has attitude problem and I personally think he is retarded. Must be some bad accident in the past when he fell off his bike or when he was visiting Afghanistan after the video in 1995.

It is very shameful to see these kind of persons as VJs on a Pakistani based TV channel (THE MUSIK) and the people who are FANS of him? and the people who want to go to his show and get Humiliated and FUC*ED on-air with his sick attitude? I will classify these people/fans as the sickest of ’em all. Its like people going crazy over some Bull Dog Pakistani leader who lives abroad and is scared to come down to Pakistan and claims to be very loyal, pu**ies.

I am shocked to see the girls who come to his shows/auditions and depict totally different attitude as if they are not Pakistani or does not have any moral values left in them. But the biggest shock is that a Pakistani channel from Karachi (The Musik) still has this sick personality (Im talking about Waqar Zaka) on their channel? Shame on “The Musik” and shame on everyone that is part of This program/channel.

It was also amusing when he was trying to make a stupid girl understand to speak in English, but why does the program has an English Music? Get some Urdu/local music in it and show your patriotic spirit?!?!? Sick state of mindless d**k head.

I do not have anything personal with Waqar Zaka or whatever the fuckin name he has but I know this …. Dare is something different, its a different state of mind and body when you have the energy, will and urge but what Waqar Zaka is doing is not dare, its mindless state of someone who has no brains, is really screwed, wants to drive people mad, wanna-be cool/macho personality and the kind of guys who totally SUCK BIG TIME!!

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