Wateen sending stupid letters!!

Wateen has been sending some really stupid mails (yes, letters via normal mail). See the one attached that I received today in the afternoon, it was dispatched on 23rd Jan 2009. Click on it for larger preview

Wateen's stupid letters

I am a subscriber of Wateen WiMax since 24th Dec 2007, apart from the three months tenure (Aug-Nov 2008) when there were no coverage, I have been its active user.

After receiving and reading through the letter that is dated 21st Jan 2009 and dispatched on 23rd Jan 2009, I am pretty sure that the people at Wateen do not know how to operate things especially their billing, marketing and support departments.

7 thoughts on “Wateen sending stupid letters!!

  1. The problem with me is that its the only option I have, I cannot have a DSL via PTCL lines because I am too far away from the telephone exchange. Even tried the new fiber optic line.

  2. Hi Asim! I received the same letter a while back even though I have terminated Wateen's services and am now using a LINKdotNET 1 mbps student package. I was reluctant to get in touch with them for fear they would bring up some hidden charges that I STILL have to pay…do tell me what you were told when you called them up?

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