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I tried digsby after looking at a Yahoo Ad. It took me half an hour to download, install, run, test and decide to uninstall it. It is really very heavy, takes too many notification icons in the system tray and takes LOTS of resources.

One of the things that I didn’t like was that it shows me more details then I need, e.g. one of my acquaintances got a post on their WALL (in FaceBook), like I care? It does not function like the normal FaceBook.

My experience was not too good so I dont recommend it to anyone. But if you are an enthusiast like me, go ahead and test drive it today 🙂

Here are a couple of screenshots of Digsby



7 thoughts on “Digsby Review

  • smacula

    duuude… i hate your whole registration requirement 🙁 !!!

    can’t normal wordpress users comment !!!

    i do agree.. it was the facebook everythin that pissed me off too !!! lol

  • Laura

    I’m pretty sure that you can go to advanced options and unclick the option to notify you about all of the changes on facebook (e.g. wall messages).

    I have only been using Digsby for 2 days, but to me it seems like a gift from the Gods (& no, I don’t work for them. For Digsby I mean, not for the Gods :-P)

    What’s brilliant is that I’ve added my 3 email addresses, as well as facebook, fb chat & msn. It automatically logs me in to ALL of these when I log on to Digsby, and pops up a message when I get a new email, which I can delete/report as spam through Digsby vs. opening the email page.

    Another cool thing is that when I’m subscribed to a thread on a forum, an email alert will come through, which will pop up on digsby – so I know when my question’s been answered without checking the forums or my mail.

    Yes, you lose out on some features of the original programs (you have to log in to msn to play games, etc. etc.) but it saves SO MUCH time too.

    Just my thoughs – L X

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