ThrustVPS XEN HVM Benchmark

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Update (25-Aug-2010): Rus Foster from is a blackmailer and a person with low self-esteem. He actually blackmailed me to hand him over certain domain names which he thinks believes is breaching the AUP. My accounts, VPS and the $60 of affiliate commission was terminated. I will advise everyone to KEEP AWAY from Rus Foster and (click here to read the full review) Unix Benchmark results from ThrustVPS (XEN HVM running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on their West Coast (LA) node) using unixbench v 5.1.2 Specs: 512MB / 15GB XEN HVM running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit Note: Although the test results from the previous bechmark on their XEN PV is just average, this one is the best benchmark I had on a 512MB VPS ever! (more…)
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