WordPress.com now offers free Wedding Blogs (with special wedding themes)

Just stumbled upon the wicked (in a good way) feature by WordPress.com that lets you create a free blog for your wedding. It also features some amazing (and free) wedding themes.

I don’t think they are giving any of the extra paid-addons as a wedding gift to whomsoever  creating the blog because it may open a potential gateway to get those free addons by faking a wedding 😀

Visit the special page for more details


How to solve ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ in WordPress

I have been getting the following error because I changed the database table prefix

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

The cause of the problem is that you have changed the database prefixes but still, some of the word press config is tied down to the previous prefix (wp_ or something)

Just execute the following two queries

-- Replace 'prefix_' with your actual prefix
UPDATE `prefix_usermeta` SET `meta_key` = REPLACE( `meta_key` , 'wp_', 'prefix_' );

-- Replace 'prefix_' with your actual prefix
UPDATE `prefix_options` SET `option_name` = 'prefix_user_roles' WHERE `option_name` ='wp_user_roles' AND `blog_id` =0;

Finally updated my blog theme in 2010

The first day I applied the theme that was on this blog most (almost all) of 2009, I knew I had to change it someday because it was too heavy. The only reason I liked that theme was how it differentiated between two posts on the homepage.

Anyway, I have been spending quiet some time during the last few days to update my blog and use widgets (for the first time on WordPress platform :P) etc and I hope I have chosen a nice alternative to my previous theme, although I am pretty sure that some of you will still think its almost the same as the previous one but its not.

WordPress’s ‘upgrade automatically’ has issues

Many of you might be aware of this for months, like me, about the issues with WordPress‘s upgrade automatically feature. It fails sometimes and then it starts working perfect sometimes, its an annoying little bit*h.

I tried googling to no success and I still do not know whats going on. Does anyone else face the same issue? what is the fix, if any? HELP!

A Bug in WordPress v 2.5.1

A Bug in WordPress v 2.5.1, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan.

Excerpts from PHPCommunity

I discovered a BUG in WordPress Version 2.5.1, the forgot password sends you an email with the “key” that is supposed to generate a new email but the “key” itself contains characters like “&” which appends to the URL like query string and wordpress gives an error that the “key” is invalid.