Microsoft Censors Links in Windows Live Messenger

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The Pirate Bay is not only the most visited BitTorrent site on the Internet, but arguably the most censored too. Many ISPs have been ordered to block their customers’ access to the website, and recently Microsoft joined in on the action by stopping people sharing its location with others. Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger (MSN) now refuses to pass on links to The Pirate Bay website, claiming they are unsafe.

Imagine that you found this great new band sharing their music on BitTorrent for free.

You’re actually so excited about this find you want to share the experience with friends, so you paste them a link to the official torrent file via Windows Live Messenger.

Although this might sound like a good idea to some, Microsoft appears to disagree. Those who try to paste a Pirate Bay link to their friends through Windows Live Messenger will notice that it never reaches its destination.

Instead, Microsoft alerts the sender that The Pirate Bay is unsafe. Apparently, the company is actively monitoring people’s communications to prevent them from linking to sites they deem to be a threat.

Enable ping response for Windows Server

I recently got two windows VPS for testing and stuff. The issue I faced was that even though they were Windows 2008 VPS, I still could not ping it. Came to know later that its a security feature and hence all pings are disabled.

Windows 2008 start menu

You just need to enable it by running the following command on command prompt

netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

If you wish to disable it, later, you may run this to do so

netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 disable

Windows 2008 command prompt

Windows Live – More Ways to Connect? or annoy?

Windows Live now supports importing and sending alerts to your FaceBook and LinkedIn buddies and contacts

More Ways to Connect - Windows Live

I feel they have tried to get in the social networking business by creating this. It is not too attractive has BUGs, especially related to security because its for everyone (no opt-outs) and other contacts can see and connect to your contacts (if you dont have the proper privacy options enabled which are turned off by default). It sucks!!

Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits

As the website says

Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits and shows a notification to the user when that happens.

Download Commit Monitor @ Google Code. It is a great tool that helps me monitor when a new commit has been made to SVN by a developer working on the same project as I am :), cool na?

P.S. Its a Windows tool

Digsby Review

I tried digsby after looking at a Yahoo Ad. It took me half an hour to download, install, run, test and decide to uninstall it. It is really very heavy, takes too many notification icons in the system tray and takes LOTS of resources.

One of the things that I didn’t like was that it shows me more details then I need, e.g. one of my acquaintances got a post on their WALL (in FaceBook), like I care? It does not function like the normal FaceBook.

My experience was not too good so I dont recommend it to anyone. But if you are an enthusiast like me, go ahead and test drive it today 🙂

Here are a couple of screenshots of Digsby



Is Windows Live really stable?

I just came up with this question today morning when I am not able to even check or see old mails in my Windows Live mail account.

I had previously blogged about Windows Live policies on the number of email per hour and you know what? I cannot even get ANY email pass through that server to my hotmail live account even though my domain (and all its IPs) are not blacklisted.

Check the screenshot that I have been redirected to since morning

Windows Live Stable

World’s Cheapest Windows Laptop

Microsoft and India’s HCL Infosystems said they would work together to develop a Windows-based laptop PC that will be the cheapest available in any market worldwide.

The system, called the MiLeap H Series, will run Windows XP Home and will sell for 17,000 Indian rupees, or about $425 (U.S.). The MiLeap H features a 30-GB hard drive and is “broadband ready,” the companies said in a statement Friday.

Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner, at a launch event in Mumbai, said the offering is meant to “empower Indian consumers and businesses with the latest and best that technology has to offer.”

Microsoft, along with a number of other vendors, is eyeing the low-cost PC market as a major growth opportunity — particularly in emerging markets where average incomes pale compared with the West. The company recently announced that it would extend the life of its Windows XP operating system, but only for deployment on low-cost systems.

Low-cost PCs that run on Linux, from Asus, Everex, and other vendors, also are becoming increasingly popular as some computer users conclude that mainstream systems running the Windows or Macintosh operating systems are overpowered for their needs.

Also on Friday, Microsoft and HCL said they would jointly establish a new Center of Excellence in India, staffed with 500 programmers trained to develop Microsoft-based solutions for various industries in the country.

India is becoming increasingly important to Microsoft — and not just as a source of low-cost programming talent. Domestic spending in India for IT services will grow by about 43% in 2008, according to Indian IT trade group Nasscom.

Source: InformationWeek