Youtube restored my video, Finally

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Youtube has restored my video removed due to copyright claim by WHMCS (yeah, right!!) Today, I saw the email that the video in question has been restored. This video was created by me and uploaded on Youtube as a proof of what I was seeing when WHMCS was hacked.
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WHMCS Hacked, 1.7GB of data posted online

Ok, so I didn't had enough time and information to blog this but most of you already know it that WHMCS got hacked yesterday. We have a long LET thread here. I was expecting this to get fixed soon hence I created a Video and uploaded on Youtube (later it was clear that my initial idea was wrong, it took much longer for WHMCS to come back online on its feet before getting hacked for the second time) Hackers released about 1.7GB of data on pasteBin note (unsure whats with pastebin but every hacker seem to be doing that) [caption id="attachment_1177" align="aligncenter" width="556" caption="UGNazi Tweet mentioning WHMCS hacked files"][/caption] (more…)
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I started out with yearly ago (approx 5-6 years ago). I upgraded servers, changed servers completely but managed 2 servers during my time. If someone asks me to rank them, here is my ranking/review of (more…)
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