Fixing Webmin 1.5’s Software Package Update emails

Recently, I talked about getting an error in my mailbox instead of the notification email from Webmin 1.5’s Software Package Update module. Today, I found a hint to its solution on the email archives.

This is a known bug and it will be fixed in next public release, if you don’t wish to wait, you can do a devel-update of your webmin.

Webmin’s Software Package Update emails are not working

I have wrote yesterday about Webmin 1.5 features. I especially liked the one that will send me a notification when there is any update available to any of the components installed on my Linux box.

To my disappointment, I never got any Software Package Updates module‘s email notification, instead I got this in my mailbox

Undefined subroutine &main::list_all_current called at /usr/libexec/webmin/package-updates/ line 12.

I have no clue what this means or how do I fix it. Any one who can help me with this?

Update: A fix is available for this bug

Webmin 1.5 features

Two new features introduced in Webmin 1.5 that really attracts me are

  1. Software Package Updates module, it notifies about new available updates and optionally can send email and/or install security or all updates
  2. System Status, collects system information by running a background cron job on your system

The interface has also improved a little, and its slower while loading (figures!), but gives more information in the dashboard.

How to Install Webmin on CentOS

Install dependencies before we proceed to install webmin

[root@testbed ~]# yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay

Download latest rpm package from Webmin’s official website

[root@testbed ~]# -O /tmp/webmin.rpm

Once it is downloaded, install the RPM using the following command

[root@testbed ~]# rpm -i /tmp/webmin.rpm

No more steps required. Its installed 🙂
Go to your browser and access the control panel with valid ssh credentials.
Default URL is https://your-ip:10000/ (IF you have not changed the default port)

How to Install Webmin in Ubuntu

From the little help that I can get over the internet, I found out that you need to install the following packages to prepare the system for Webmin installation.

Run the following command over SSH or Ubuntu Desktop’s terminal window (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal).

sudo apt-get install perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl 

(Learn how to configure SSH on Ubuntu 8.10 if you want to have a remote access to your Ubuntu box).

Download the latest version of Webmin by running the following command (visit webmin download section for newer versions)


Downloading Webmin
Downloading Webmin

After the package has been downloaded, run the following command to install it

sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.500_all.deb 

You should now be able to login to Webmin at the URL https://localhost:10000/ using root or any other user with sudo access.