Good bye CentOS! Hello Ubuntu

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Its been about almost more then two years since I have been playing with CentOS on many different platforms etc. Its very stable but on the other hand, PHP/MySQL updates are very hard to get and still PHP is 5.1.6. I tried EPEL repo and it updated PHP to 5.3.1 but still there were conflicts with stuff and many core packages. So, I thought why not move to Ubuntu since it has just announced 10.04LTS (Long Term Support) in April 2010. Folks at iWeb were really nice to do a reinstall without any charges and also process a memory upgrade request at an amazing 50% discount. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Apache 2 version is 2.2.14 PHP version is 5.3.2 MySQL version is 5.1.41-3ubuntu12 SVN (Subversion) version is 1.6.6 As a comparison…
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Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits

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As the website says Monitors Subversion repositories for new commits and shows a notification to the user when that happens. Download Commit Monitor @ Google Code. It is a great tool that helps me monitor when a new commit has been made to SVN by a developer working on the same project as I am :), cool na? P.S. Its a Windows tool
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