Configuring SSH on Ubuntu 8.10

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The first issue that I had after installing Ubuntu 8.10 was that I could not connect to SSH on it because SSH server is not installed on Ubuntu 8.10 and it never asked me if I wanted to make a selection of what software packages I need to have installed. I guess thats why they are making a less then 25 min install promise. Here's how you can enable / configure / install SSH on your Ubuntu 8.10 Open a terminal window by selecting the Applications menu and selecting Terminal from the Accessories menu. In the terminal window enter the following command and press enter to execute it [code lang="plain"]sudo apt-get install openssh-server[/code] It will automatically download and install the SSH serve and configure it to run on port 22…
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How to create a tar file using SSH on Linux

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To create a tar from a directory using SSH on Linux punch in the following command [code lang="plain"]tar -vcf backup.tar mystuff/[/code] Where "mystuff" is a directory and backup.tar is the target compressed file. You can also create a file called archive.tar of all the files and subdirectories in the current directory with the following command [code lang="plain"]tar -vcf backup.tar *[/code] Note: "v" flag is for verbose mode.
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