Configuring SSH on Ubuntu 8.10

The first issue that I had after installing Ubuntu 8.10 was that I could not connect to SSH on it because SSH server is not installed on Ubuntu 8.10 and it never asked me if I wanted to make a selection of what software packages I need to have installed. I guess thats why they are making a less then 25 min install promise.

Here’s how you can enable / configure / install SSH on your Ubuntu 8.10
Open a terminal window by selecting the Applications menu and selecting Terminal from the Accessories menu. In the terminal window enter the following command and press enter to execute it

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

It will automatically download and install the SSH serve and configure it to run on port 22 (default port).

Ubuntu 8.10 SSH Access
Ubuntu 8.10 SSH Access

I will write another article to explain how you can change the port or enable / disable the SSH server.

Using CakePHP’s Bake on Linux

If you want to use CakePHP’s bake tool on Linux command line (like I have development environment on Linux) then you can ssh to your linux box as shown in the screen shot below

Linux Console

Second, you can execute the cake bake command in the following manner

./cake/console/cake bake

as shown in the picture below
Linux Console

How to create a tar file using SSH on Linux

To create a tar from a directory using SSH on Linux punch in the following command

tar -vcf backup.tar mystuff/

Where “mystuff” is a directory and backup.tar is the target compressed file.
You can also create a file called archive.tar of all the files and subdirectories in the current directory with the following command

tar -vcf backup.tar *

Note: “v” flag is for verbose mode.