RackVM Benchmark

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Alert: (05-Sep-2010) RackVM is/was a shady business and Ben, owner of RackVM, has run away with hundreds of client's payments. As of today, all of their nodes are down. Ben just tricked everyone to his per annum offers and ran away with cash in hand. Unfortunately, I was also one of these victims. Unix Benchmark results from RackVM using unixbench v 5.1.2 Specs: 128MB / 10GB XEN PV running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS The most amazing part? well, I got this VPS for just 6pounds bi-annually (6 months), thats 1 pound per month :) Note: Although their servers are Core2Quad, I have access to 4 cores and the benchmark results (as compared with my QuickWeb 128MB XEN PV) are very good (more…)
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