Kohana or CodeIgniter or CakePHP?

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I am going to start on a small system for internal use and I wanted to re-think my choice of CodeIgniter because it does not have templates or ORM. Guess what, I landed with KohanaPHP. It sounds very tempting that a new MVC Framework based on CodeIgniter with new features (especially ORM) is here but the documentation is really really poor. I tried googling for a book or tutorial and I was really disappointed to have found none. I tried Amazon.com for a book but no books. Looks like I have landed in some weird space that might be good looking but I need to get my hands dirty in the code to learn it and at the end of the day, it may seem that I have lost a…
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CodeIgniter or CakePHP? can’t decide

Personal, PHP
Can't decide between CodeIgniter or CakePHP for my personal project. CodeIgniter is faster in terms of performance but development is slow, CakePHP's cake-bake makes development faster but its performance is not good. My problem is that I need both. I want it at best performance since I will be handling millions even billions of domain records AND I cannot spend more time developing my own system. Any ideas?
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Creating and Installing crontabs using CodeIgniter

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Last night, I was trying to get a crontab working in CodeIgniter, since my current project (a personal project) is using CodeIgniter now. I didn't wanted to use the conventional approach of running crontabs and my code seperate. Unfortunately, CodeIgniter does not have support for Crontabs and I didn't wanted to user wget in linux crontab to initiate unwanted requests. I spent some time and came up with a solution. It uses CodeIgniter backend Does not modify any core architecture of CodeIgniter Keeps configuration at one place So enough of the summary and let me show you how its done. Create a file (e.g. cron.php) in the same place as your index.php and system folder. Here is its code [php]/** * @author Asim Zeeshan * @web http://www.asim.pk/ * @date 13th…
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