Installing MySQL 5.1 on Ubuntu

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I wanted to use PARTITIONING introduced in MySQL 5.1 to handle some 2 Million records (and growing everyday) in a table. Ubuntu 8.10 does not have MySQL 5.1 available if you do apt-get the latest version available is 5.0 So this is what I did, its easy and this might help somebody. [sourcecode language="plain"]nano /etc/apt/sources.list[/sourcecode] I prefer nano editor but you can use any editor of your choice. Add these new lines at the end of the end of the file. [sourcecode language="plain"]deb gutsy main universe restricted multiverse deb gutsy main universe restricted multiverse[/sourcecode] (These packages were targeted for 7.10 so I will recommend using them and removing them from this list once you got the latest MySQL version) Now run the following commands [sourcecode language="plain"]apt-get update apt-get…
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