Writer on LowEndBox

After waiting for almost two months, my account has finally been upgraded by Chief (the new admin of LowEndBox) to give me privileges to post offers without waiting for someone to approve them. Approx 2 months ago, I applied and was given the opportunity to write for LowEndBox as a test writer.

During this time, I wrote the following posts on LowEndBox

  1. OnePoundWebHosting – £4.40 512MB Xen VPS in UK
  2. EaseVPS – $3.99/Month, 512MB OpenVZ VPS in Manchester, Jacksonville & Kansas City
  3. Corgi Tech – $6 512MB VMWare VPS in UK
  4. Jolly Works Hosting – $15/Year 128MB OpenVZ VPS in Phoenix
  5. sshVM – $6/Quarter 128MB OpenVZ VPS
  6. IperWeb – €1.52/Month 192MB OpenVZ VPS in Italy
  7. InceptionHosting – €6/Quarter 128MB XEN PV VPS in Phoenix and Netherlands
  8. WHMCS Hacked, Client data leaked online
  9. Prometeus – €11.25/Year 128MB KVM VPS in Italy

Enjoyed working with the team especially KuJoe of SecureDragon.net

LowEndBox.com’s golden era ends!

Today, I was sad to read the post on my favourite blog lowendbox.com (LEB). I discovered LEB a few years ago and it has helped me learn a lot and try out many different VPS services all under $7/mo. But finally the blog anonymous blog author of LEB whom we call Low End Admin (LEA) has announced that this blog is taking a lot of his time hence he may be selling or giving it to someone who can run it at least as good as LEA himself.

Its a sad day Indeed!

NordicVPS down the drain?

Update (April 25, 2011): Added two slideshares at the end of the blog post to show the initial notice that I received and the followup almost supportless support ticket

NordicVPS.com Fail Well it may be shocking for some but its true. NordicVPS.com is down the drain for most. I believe it all started when they introduced BuyVMish (as Francisco calls it) $15/year package in Oct, 2010 (apparently many did and no one can kick it off as smooth as BuyVM did).

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