HTC Helpline

I needed to get my HTC Desire HD's volume key repaired even though it was Nnot in warrenty and Not purchased from Brightex but to my surprise the helpline was very proactive and welcome-ing in offering their services. Of course the services were paid for but at least I had the peace of mind for getting them fixed from the pros. Thats another reason to buy HTC hardware HTC Helpline in Lahore is being offered by Brightex, the official distributor of HTC at 111-111-HTC (111-111-482)
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When am I getting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS) on my phone?

The most frequent question I have been asked lately is when is my HTC Blah Blah model getting Android's Ice Cream Sandwich? (aka ICS aka Android 4.0) Here is an official note by HTC on when your phone will get the update. Please note that generally its observed that some devices may get updates after 45days of the period announced in Pakistan. So be patient and try the official updates once they roll out.
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