Frantech / BuyVM opening new location in Buffalo, NY

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The other day, I was looking at the Frantech's weird (as in cool) way of showing their stock / restock and last stock status at and I noticed there is a new tab for Buffalo, NY (yayy!!!) Currently they operate out from only one location that is San Jose, CA which gives me like 400ms from PTCL which makes it very hard to use their VPN service or host any content targeted for Pakistani users. Psst!! have been using Amazon's S3 along with Amazon CloudFront for such purposes which is dirt cheap anyway. Coming to the point, I contacted and got confirmation that they will have stock on the new location in next week, it will be released in two phases For the current customers If there is something…
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Frantech closed its doors?

News closed its doors? well since BuyVM is running smoothly, they might be finding it hard to concentrate on two different brands offering approx the same services. [caption id="attachment_1259" align="aligncenter" width="818"] closed its doors? may be temporarily[/caption]
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Google Shedding / Internet Shedding by PTCL

All over the world people have many methods to check IF they are online or not. Some prefer the ping to or, some check their favourite websites or the popular websites (which we all think should always be accessible). In Pakistan and especially the subcontinent 95%+ people open or rely on their Firefox browser to open it for them to say "Yes, your net is working" and most people never bother to change this default homepage. (more…)
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