How to configure repos to not overwrite base packages?

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The greatest fear with adding additional and especially third party repos such as EPEL (we did a blog post on how to install EPEL earlier) is that it MAY overwrite base packages and bring the system to an unstable state. We can fix this issue by installing Yum Priorities plugin on CentOS 5: [code]yum install yum-priorities[/code] on CentOS 4 or CentOS 6: [code]yum install yum-plugin-priorities[/code] Then make sure that the plugin is enabled [code]nano /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/priorities.conf[/code] Now there are two ways to do it, either set HIGHEST priority to CentOS repos OR set lowest priority to other repos. This is done by adding the line [code highlight="3"] # N=1 highest priority # N=99 lowest priority priority=N [/code] In this blog post, I will set 1 as the priority (highest) for my…
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Install htop

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[caption id="attachment_1147" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="htop - an alternative to linux top"][/caption] htop is a sleek utility that allows you to interactively view processes running in a linux box. I can safely say its a good alternate to 'top' To install htop just run this after installing epel repo [code]yum install htop[/code]
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Installing EPEL repo

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Installing EPEL repo in CentOS is simple, if you do not know what EPEL is, read more about it here. [code]rpm -Uvh[/code] To configure epel or disable it use [code]nano /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo[/code] and then switch the config enabled to 0 (or vice versa) Don't forget to do the following [code]yum clean all[/code]
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Good bye CentOS! Hello Ubuntu

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Its been about almost more then two years since I have been playing with CentOS on many different platforms etc. Its very stable but on the other hand, PHP/MySQL updates are very hard to get and still PHP is 5.1.6. I tried EPEL repo and it updated PHP to 5.3.1 but still there were conflicts with stuff and many core packages. So, I thought why not move to Ubuntu since it has just announced 10.04LTS (Long Term Support) in April 2010. Folks at iWeb were really nice to do a reinstall without any charges and also process a memory upgrade request at an amazing 50% discount. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Apache 2 version is 2.2.14 PHP version is 5.3.2 MySQL version is 5.1.41-3ubuntu12 SVN (Subversion) version is 1.6.6 As a comparison…
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