Is Windows Live really stable?

I just came up with this question today morning when I am not able to even check or see old mails in my Windows Live mail account.

I had previously blogged about Windows Live policies on the number of email per hour and you know what? I cannot even get ANY email pass through that server to my hotmail live account even though my domain (and all its IPs) are not blacklisted.

Check the screenshot that I have been redirected to since morning

Windows Live Stable

MSN Hotmail Email delivery issue

Hotmail Email Problem

I just set up a test application and set my email address to be one of hotmail, after some time the emails stopped coming through, further inspection revealed that these emails are being bounced off HOTMAIL server because it has a limit of 30 emails per domain per hour (in my case it was domain).

Get a FREE email address

Today, everyone wants to have a shorter email address. Why? because its small and its easy to remember. Additionally email address gives you 2GB mailbox. This is why many people want to have email address instead of but the question is how to get it?

There are a number of ways to get a email address

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