Domino’s Pizza in Lahore – A bad experience

I thought it was a good news for pizza lovers like me but it wasn’t.
Me and my friend visited the Domino outlet in Link Road branch on 06th June 2009. Let me give you an account of what I saw and went through there.

Four tables and chairs similar to those in Kindergarden. Plus there was no one to show you the way AND all tables were pre-occupied. So as soon as one table got free, I jumped in while my friend was still at the counter ordering the pizza. We always ask for less vegetables and extra chicken topings. We did the same here too.

After 15 min someone called my friend’s name if his Parents were here to pick him up from school (lol, yeah!) and he was stunned at first then he moved to the counter, they handed him the pizza in a box. He asked “Excuse me, I am a Dine-in not a take away”, she replied Yes sir its a Dine-in. She also handed over ketchup sachets and two thick papers to use them as PLATES (WTF!!)

We opened the box on the tables and the first look of the pizza seemed if it was really DRY, it was clearly not deep-pan pizza. There were LOTS of vegetables on it and we thought for a second if we accidentally ordered a vegetable pizza (if they had one that is) but it was not. This was out order. Clearly the presentation was very poor but we planned to eat it since we were hungry.

There are no plates, forks, knives etc in Domino so you have to use your hands as fork/knive and the paper they gave you as a plate.

Just when we took a couple of bites off this dry-and-vegetables-full-pizza two of the Domino workers on the floor started a fight and they were swearing each other. For a split second I thought I was in some market, standing near a street hawkers but then I realized even the street hawker has plates so I am not there, its Domino.

One more thing that I must mention here is that my pizza didn’t had any chicken pieces on it (apart from the 4-5 microscopic chicken pieces), I looked to my sides and I noticed nobody has it.

In short, I was really disappointed and wasted my money in Domino. And I could have got more money for value from a shawarma or a plate of Gol Gappas.

Moral: Don’t go to Domino just for the sake of trying it. If you want to eat good Pizza then go for Pizza Hut M.M. Alam Road, their Pizza is great as always.

Domino’s sent 11,000 free pizzas

CINCINNATI – The Domino’s pizza chain has given away nearly 11,000 free pizzas because of a never-used promotion that a Web customer stumbled upon. Tim McIntyre, spokesman for Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Domino’s, said Wednesday that the company had prepared an Internet coupon for an ad campaign that was considered in December but never activated.

McIntyre said somebody discovered that the code word “bailout” was good for a free medium pizza ordered online. The information quickly spread Monday night on the Web, until the code was deactivated Tuesday morning.

The owner of 14 Domino’s locations in the Cincinnati area says his stores gave away more than 600 pies. Owner John Glass told The Cincinnati Enquirer that Domino’s promised to reimburse him for the pizzas.

Information from: The Cincinnati Enquirer,

Courtesy: Yahoo News