is now open for public, while still in beta for Web Now Open to the Public for Web Now Open to the Public, a web-based application for the new Slices for Twitter application on Android open for public (while still in beta) today. The web interface is an attempt to give the same look and feel as the popular android application on the web.

I gave it a few minutes and I must admit they have done a splendid job although there are still bugs in it like, I was not able to pull anyone’s twitter profile even after multiple click using Firefox browser. Hopefully it will improve in near future.

How did you find Slices for Android? if its not your favorite twitter application, which one is it and why? I’d love to know about it in the comments below

How to solve ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ in WordPress

I have been getting the following error because I changed the database table prefix

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

The cause of the problem is that you have changed the database prefixes but still, some of the word press config is tied down to the previous prefix (wp_ or something)

Just execute the following two queries

-- Replace 'prefix_' with your actual prefix
UPDATE `prefix_usermeta` SET `meta_key` = REPLACE( `meta_key` , 'wp_', 'prefix_' );

-- Replace 'prefix_' with your actual prefix
UPDATE `prefix_options` SET `option_name` = 'prefix_user_roles' WHERE `option_name` ='wp_user_roles' AND `blog_id` =0;

TortoiseSVN bug on Windows Vista

Lately, I have been getting the following errors while running or attempting to run Tortoise SVN on my Windows Vista Business Edition.

TortoiseSVN error on Vista 01

TortoiseSVN error on Vista 02

So what I did was, download the latest Nightly Build from tortoise website and it solved the issue. Hope it helps somebody.

Is Windows Live really stable?

I just came up with this question today morning when I am not able to even check or see old mails in my Windows Live mail account.

I had previously blogged about Windows Live policies on the number of email per hour and you know what? I cannot even get ANY email pass through that server to my hotmail live account even though my domain (and all its IPs) are not blacklisted.

Check the screenshot that I have been redirected to since morning

Windows Live Stable

A Bug in WordPress v 2.5.1

A Bug in WordPress v 2.5.1, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan.

Excerpts from PHPCommunity

I discovered a BUG in WordPress Version 2.5.1, the forgot password sends you an email with the “key” that is supposed to generate a new email but the “key” itself contains characters like “&” which appends to the URL like query string and wordpress gives an error that the “key” is invalid.

Transfering Domain from TUCOWS

Transfering Domain from TUCOWS, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan.

What a programmer who has mentioned and probably coded many lines of code to check if the user has selected only “one of the given checkboxes”. I wonder why he could not think of using radio buttons instead. What a freak’s BUG Problem, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan.

I use for domains, sometimes, and this time when i opened Godaddy, it was showing me someone else’s personal information. I did not even heard of this person before in my life, which tells me its definately godaddy’s bug.

I sent an email to this guy and to godaddy and still no reply from either one till date.