Tour de Sri Lanka

I was on a company tour to Sri Lanka starting our journey from Oct 13, 2012 from Lahore airport til Oct 21, 2012 along with my good friend and coworker Hamza. It was an amazing time spent there. Cant believe the country has evolved a lot since the civil war ended in 2009.

Of course, I am not going to talk about the business part but from a personal perspective, the country is outstanding when it comes to hospitality, beauty and special respect for Pakistanis (yes you read it right). Enough chatter, let me share some photos. /

A few months ago, I was on LET trying to create a wiki about all the stuff that people usually ask repeated questions for (including me). I checked that was already registered so I created a LET topic asking if the owner is still on LET and reading that thread and would want to sell/transfer the ownership to me. I later learned that its with Chief. I later contacted him for the same and he said he has plans for it and I should use the current outdated LowEndTalk Wiki, which I am obviously not apart from a few smaller pages.

Coming back to the LET topic I created in the first place, it quickly derailed and to my surprise I found the owner of, who wanted me to have the domain at no cost. Thats a big ol’ Wow!!

Eversince I took over the domain on Jan 04 2012, I have never got the time to fully complete it which is a big loss at my end and at the awesome domain name I have which can be used as a place to list down all bash(shell), PHP, Python scripts and possibly mirroring them via Amazon S3

Thoughts? please comment

HTC Helpline

I needed to get my HTC Desire HD‘s volume key repaired even though it was

  • Nnot in warrenty and
  • Not purchased from Brightex

but to my surprise the helpline was very proactive and welcome-ing in offering their services. Of course the services were paid for but at least I had the peace of mind for getting them fixed from the pros.

Thats another reason to buy HTC hardware

HTC Helpline in Lahore is being offered by Brightex, the official distributor of HTC at 111-111-HTC (111-111-482)

PTCL EVO device with Tenda Portable 3G wireless router with battery (3G150B)

As promised, I previously reviewed the 3G150M model (without battery) and this time I am going to review the 3G150B (with battery model)

Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B

Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B

Although the battery model is more attractive and more widely used (Im using 3G150B more as compared to 3G150M) it control panel interface is fairly basic which is a set back for me and im sure for most other users as well. But still, its the best out there

There was also an advertisement in Spider magazine for the month of April 2012 as can be seen in the following photo

Spider Advertisement of Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B in April 2012

Spider Advertisement of Tenda Portable 3G wireless router 3G150B in April 2012

This Tenda device cost approx Rs. 4200 in the market and its model is 3G150B. The only difference from 3G150M is that it has battery to give backup of approx 5 hours. I configured it using the same PTCL EVO configuration settings for 3G routers.

Writer on LowEndBox

After waiting for almost two months, my account has finally been upgraded by Chief (the new admin of LowEndBox) to give me privileges to post offers without waiting for someone to approve them. Approx 2 months ago, I applied and was given the opportunity to write for LowEndBox as a test writer.

During this time, I wrote the following posts on LowEndBox

  1. OnePoundWebHosting – £4.40 512MB Xen VPS in UK
  2. EaseVPS – $3.99/Month, 512MB OpenVZ VPS in Manchester, Jacksonville & Kansas City
  3. Corgi Tech – $6 512MB VMWare VPS in UK
  4. Jolly Works Hosting – $15/Year 128MB OpenVZ VPS in Phoenix
  5. sshVM – $6/Quarter 128MB OpenVZ VPS
  6. IperWeb – €1.52/Month 192MB OpenVZ VPS in Italy
  7. InceptionHosting – €6/Quarter 128MB XEN PV VPS in Phoenix and Netherlands
  8. WHMCS Hacked, Client data leaked online
  9. Prometeus – €11.25/Year 128MB KVM VPS in Italy

Enjoyed working with the team especially KuJoe of

Native Screenshots in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Like native Panoramic mode in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich camera (Android v 4.0.4), I also have Native screenshots capability (just didn’t knew how to use it until 3 weeks ago) with my OTA update to ICS. All I have to do is, hit the power and the volume down key at once to take the screenshot.

Uninstalling "No Root Screenshot It" since Android Ice Cream Sandwich has native screenshot

Uninstalling "No Root Screenshot It" since Android Ice Cream Sandwich has native screenshot

hence uninstalled “No Root Screenshot It“.

Review: The Avengers Live Wallpapers for Android

So, I installed the The Avengers Live Wallpapers for my Android Phone since it was on Google Play’s (previously known as Google Market) feature list

The Avengers Live Wallpaper as featured on Google Play

The Avengers Live Wallpaper as featured on Google Play

Almost immediately after installing it, I could see annoying little nag screens on every screen unlock, like the one you can see in the screenshot below.

The Avengers Live Wallpaper nag screens

The Avengers Live Wallpaper nag screens

Which is pretty nasty way to convince me to buy the pro version. I uninstalled it right away. I highly recommend everyone not to install it on their cell else you’ll have to uninstall it later.

Update: I have posted a review on Google Play, you can read it here