is now open for public, while still in beta for Web Now Open to the Public for Web Now Open to the Public, a web-based application for the new Slices for Twitter application on Android open for public (while still in beta) today. The web interface is an attempt to give the same look and feel as the popular android application on the web.

I gave it a few minutes and I must admit they have done a splendid job although there are still bugs in it like, I was not able to pull anyone’s twitter profile even after multiple click using Firefox browser. Hopefully it will improve in near future.

How did you find Slices for Android? if its not your favorite twitter application, which one is it and why? I’d love to know about it in the comments below now offers free Wedding Blogs (with special wedding themes)

Just stumbled upon the wicked (in a good way) feature by that lets you create a free blog for your wedding. It also features some amazing (and free) wedding themes.

I don’t think they are giving any of the extra paid-addons as a wedding gift to whomsoever  creating the blog because it may open a potential gateway to get those free addons by faking a wedding 😀

Visit the special page for more details


Frantech / BuyVM opening new location in Buffalo, NY

The other day, I was looking at the Frantech’s weird (as in cool) way of showing their stock / restock and last stock status at and I noticed there is a new tab for Buffalo, NY (yayy!!!)

Currently they operate out from only one location that is San Jose, CA which gives me like 400ms from PTCL which makes it very hard to use their VPN service or host any content targeted for Pakistani users. Psst!! have been using Amazon’s S3 along with Amazon CloudFront for such purposes which is dirt cheap anyway.

Coming to the point, I contacted and got confirmation that they will have stock on the new location in next week, it will be released in two phases

  1. For the current customers
  2. If there is something left, it will be released later for everyone else

The ping/download tests are way improved from their San Jose location and approx 200ms less (I wish I could give out the test IP for you to test out). Tried requesting to get a box moved to the new location but they are not accepting such transfers not until they soft-launch on Monday for existing customers. I hope im lucky enough to get hold of a box to publish test ip and test files though.

Will we be able to get GeoIPs? (Canadian IP on US VPS?) I cannot comment but I hope to see the same.

PTV’s Shaista Zaid delivers last bulletin after 43 years

Eversince I was a child, I can recall her face in the evenings when there was just PTV and later STN. I am sure a generation can recall her face seeing on PTV English Bulletin @ 7pm everyday

A little bio of Shaista Zaid, the legend

There were people on twitter recalling her and expressing sorrow on her retirement news

So sad that Shaista Zaid is retiring. She is the face that launched a thousand Kashmir reports, Eid moons and coups. End of an era. #PTV
Ali Dayan Hasan
Respect for the refined lady. A true inspiration. ' Shaista Zaid last bulletin on PTV news 1969-2012'
Rida Imran
A national icon, and beacon for generations to come - I'm lucky to have anchored the news with Shaista Zaid - #ptv
Wes Malik
If you don't know who is Shaista Zaid .. Then dude, you are too young for twitter 🙂
Saad Khan
It was an honor to watch Shaista Zaid's last bulletin. Her grace and elegance unmatched for those 43 years when she remained on-air.
Mansoor Ali Khan
A long and satisfying career at PTV. Well-earned retirement. Good luck. RT @: Shaista Zaid. End of an era.

cPanel/WHM 11.30 now supports MySQL TRIGGERS and VIEW privileges

I just noticed that cPanel/WHM 11.30 now supports MySQL TRIGGERS and VIEW privileges. From the official release notes

In 11.30 we are adding support for the MySQL TRIGGER and VIEW privileges.

  • Systems using MySQL 5.0 and higher can use the VIEW privilege. This privilege will grant the database user the CREATE VIEW and SHOW VIEW MySQL privileges.
  • When using MySQL 5.0, the SUPER privilege is required for the TRIGGER privilege. Due to this caveat, we will not support the TRIGGER privilege on systems using MySQL 5.0.
  • Systems using MySQL 5.1 and higher can enable and use the TRIGGER privilege. However, this privilege is not available if binary logging is enabled for the MySQL service.

Neither TRIGGER nor VIEW is available to systems using MySQL 4.0 or 4.1.

WHMCS Hacked, 1.7GB of data posted online

Ok, so I didn’t had enough time and information to blog this but most of you already know it that WHMCS got hacked yesterday. We have a long LET thread here.

I was expecting this to get fixed soon hence I created a Video and uploaded on Youtube (later it was clear that my initial idea was wrong, it took much longer for WHMCS to come back online on its feet before getting hacked for the second time)

Hackers released about 1.7GB of data on pasteBin note (unsure whats with pastebin but every hacker seem to be doing that)

UGNazi Tweet mentioning WHMCS hacked files

UGNazi Tweet mentioning WHMCS hacked files

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Microsoft Censors Links in Windows Live Messenger

As reported by

The Pirate Bay is not only the most visited BitTorrent site on the Internet, but arguably the most censored too. Many ISPs have been ordered to block their customers’ access to the website, and recently Microsoft joined in on the action by stopping people sharing its location with others. Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger (MSN) now refuses to pass on links to The Pirate Bay website, claiming they are unsafe.

Imagine that you found this great new band sharing their music on BitTorrent for free.

You’re actually so excited about this find you want to share the experience with friends, so you paste them a link to the official torrent file via Windows Live Messenger.

Although this might sound like a good idea to some, Microsoft appears to disagree. Those who try to paste a Pirate Bay link to their friends through Windows Live Messenger will notice that it never reaches its destination.

Instead, Microsoft alerts the sender that The Pirate Bay is unsafe. Apparently, the company is actively monitoring people’s communications to prevent them from linking to sites they deem to be a threat.