Youtube restored my video, Finally

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Youtube has restored my video removed due to copyright claim by WHMCS (yeah, right!!) Today, I saw the email that the video in question has been restored. This video was created by me and uploaded on Youtube as a proof of what I was seeing when WHMCS was hacked.
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cPanel/WHM 11.30 now supports MySQL TRIGGERS and VIEW privileges

I just noticed that cPanel/WHM 11.30 now supports MySQL TRIGGERS and VIEW privileges. From the official release notes In 11.30 we are adding support for the MySQL TRIGGER and VIEW privileges. Systems using MySQL 5.0 and higher can use the VIEW privilege. This privilege will grant the database user the CREATE VIEW and SHOW VIEW MySQL privileges. When using MySQL 5.0, the SUPER privilege is required for the TRIGGER privilege. Due to this caveat, we will not support the TRIGGER privilege on systems using MySQL 5.0. Systems using MySQL 5.1 and higher can enable and use the TRIGGER privilege. However, this privilege is not available if binary logging is enabled for the MySQL service. Neither TRIGGER nor VIEW is available to systems using MySQL 4.0 or 4.1.
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When am I getting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS) on my phone?

The most frequent question I have been asked lately is when is my HTC Blah Blah model getting Android's Ice Cream Sandwich? (aka ICS aka Android 4.0) Here is an official note by HTC on when your phone will get the update. Please note that generally its observed that some devices may get updates after 45days of the period announced in Pakistan. So be patient and try the official updates once they roll out.
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Angry Imran game for Android (inspired by the popular Angry Birds)

[caption id="attachment_1191" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Angry Imran Android app"][/caption] Angry Imran (Android Game) is a copy of the popular game Angry Birds The description reads Imran's Tsunami in the Android Store! Angry Imran is a game whose main theme is inspired from Angry Birds. This v1.0 (beta) is the result of a request from a group of friends. It is a tribute to the emerging leader of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. So take on the driving seat and help him in his TSUNAMI of Revolution. *Brain freeze does not have any political affiliations with any party* I gave the game a test drive and while its no where near as good as Angry Birds game, we should not underestimate the potential of this game. I am pretty sure that this "10+…
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