DirectAdmin Hacked

From the official forum post Thanks for your patience everyone. We are still investigating but don't want to leave you in the dark. Here's what we know so far: Our server was compromised (not at the root level but serious enough nonetheless) and is being used to send those malicious e-mails to customers. We have disabled our mail server to interrupt this process. Some customer information has been compromised: Name, e-mail address, mailing address, license ID#'s. Billing information (e.g. Credit Card numbers, PayPal accounts, etc.) is absolutely safe. We use a restricted merchant gateway that doesn't allow us, even as owners, to view your full credit card information. Finally, don't click that link. It's a malicious program but it can be cleaned with Trend Micro Housecall, MalwareByte's Anti-Malware, etc. Will…
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Enable ping response for Windows Server

Microsoft, Virtual Private Server
I recently got two windows VPS for testing and stuff. The issue I faced was that even though they were Windows 2008 VPS, I still could not ping it. Came to know later that its a security feature and hence all pings are disabled. You just need to enable it by running the following command on command prompt [code]netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8[/code] If you wish to disable it, later, you may run this to do so [code]netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 disable[/code]
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Overcommitting with KVM

News, Reviews, Virtual Private Server
Someone pointed out a shocking fact in LET that KVM, the new popular virtualization type, can be over-committed even more then the infamous OpenVZ The KVM hypervisor supports overcommitting CPUs and overcommitting memory. Overcommitting is allocating more virtualized CPUs or memory than there are physical resources on the system. With CPU overcommit, under-utilized virtualized servers or desktops can run on fewer servers which saves power and money. Read it all at also read the complete thread at LET Is KVM the next oversold VPS? for more enlightenment
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