Just released – PHP SolusVM Wrapper class

OpenSource, PHP
I have just released a SolusVM wrapper class based around the SolusVM Client API. More details on the project homepage new project homepage on GitHub. You can also download the complete code from GitHub, fork it on GitHub to improve it and/or watch/start it Update Nov 29, 2012: Moved from Google Code to GitHub because GitHub is a graet place for open-source stuff. Google Code is so old school now
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vzfree utility to check memory usage in OpenVZ VPS

How to, Linux, OpenSource, Resources, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials, Ubuntu, Virtual Private Server
From the official blog post Gee. It has been a while since I’ve last written here, and it will be a while again for my next post as I will be on holidays from next Monday (visiting families in Hong Kong and Taiwan). Let me share one small utility program that I wrote quite a while ago. We all know that the Linux command free(1) is pretty useless inside an OpenVZ VE, even those with meminfo virtualised. So I basically wrote this little util to grab the data from the dreadful user_beancounters and format them into something useful. It’s written in C and only depends on libc so it’s pretty light weight. It also does a little bit of analysis instead of just dumping the data, which I will explain…
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NordicVPS down the drain?

News, Virtual Private Server
Update (April 25, 2011): Added two slideshares at the end of the blog post to show the initial notice that I received and the followup almost supportless support ticket Well it may be shocking for some but its true. NordicVPS.com is down the drain for most. I believe it all started when they introduced BuyVMish (as Francisco calls it) $15/year package in Oct, 2010 (apparently many did and no one can kick it off as smooth as BuyVM did). (more…)
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Dropbox is insecure? A critical review

Reviews, Thoughts
I am a die hard Dropbox fan, although the files that I share are neither too sensitive nor do I pay attention to the TOS (Terms of Service) of dropbox but this article is a nice read for anyone who is considering syncing sensitive files (private file that is). If you are interested in using Dropbox, you may register for it by clicking here.  
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Linkedin Android App

Linkedin Android App, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan. Its official, staying in beta for so long the Linkedin App is now officially launched in Android MarketPlace The image has been taken as screenshot from the official intimation from Linkedin
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HostDime takes over VPSLatch.net

News, Reviews, Thoughts, Virtual Private Server
Update (01-April-2011): I contacted HostDime to ask for an offer that Adam accepted some months ago AND I was going to purchase that in June this year. HostDime staff was pretty professional to go through the tickets and offer me the same (right now OR when I later come and give reference to the ticket number with HostDime .... SOLID OFFER I must say) Not an April Fool joke ... (more…)
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