Find memory consumed by currently running processes on Linux?

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I always had the question (when I am running plenty of scripts on a linux box as to what is eating up all the memory? Finding memory consumed by current running processes in your favorite linux distro. Luckily, I found a great Python utility (scriplet to be exact). (more…)
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HazeNet takenover

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OK, so I have been pretty busy lately, This is an old news from Mar 14 but let me share with you all Hi This email is to inform you that has been acquired by Thrust::VPS. As part of this we are currently bringing services upto our normal high operating standards. However currently there are 900+ support tickets open going back a number of months. As we understand that time is of the essance for everyone can we ask that if you have an issue that you open a NEW support ticket. We will be doing a review of all billing as well. As such can we ask that if you do have an outstanding invoice that payment is made as we have now moved transcations over to our…
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