HazeNet VPS Benchmark (latest from their XEON nodes)

Update (14-May-2011): HazeNet has been taken over by ThrustVPS / Rus Foster. Read more about it here

This benchmark is #2 in the series from HazNet, the previous one was done on their Core2Quad series and this one is on their latest XEON nodes.

Unix Benchmark results from HazNet using unixbench v 5.1.2. HazeNet offers 4 cores on their 1024 and 2048 packages.

Specs: 1024MB OpenVZ running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit

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VPSLatch VPS Benchmark

Unix Benchmark results from VPSLatch (OpenVZ running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit on their Orlando, FL node) using unixbench v 5.1.2

Specs: 1024MB / 60GB OpenVZ running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit

Note: This VPS has the best benchmark that I have ever seen, wow, no doubt Adam is having busy managing the best VPS+CPanel combination ever!

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ThrustVPS (A Review, Summary – STAY AWAY from them)

I signed up with ThrustVPS on Jul 27, 2010. Sounded like a good company although I read a lot of bad review about Rus Foster who is now leading this new venture previously known as DamnVPS. There were lots of issues in the start and not to mention so many down times that went unaccounted for.

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Download personal details of 100m Facebook users

Update (April 23, 2011): I have updated the download urls to point to new servers

A little while ago (approx 2 weeks) I read a story online which claimed a person has downloaded a compiled 100m Facebook users’ personal data. I searched online and found this torrent on thepiratebay.org

I downloaded this torrent and to my surprise, its almost NOTHING personal. Just names and Facebook IDs. Anyway, I also found a BBC Story on the same topic which is pathetic! They sounded this as if Facebook is HACKED, which is not the case.

Anyway, anyone who does not want to download via other file-sharing services or torrents can download this from the following VPS locations

P.S. If, for some reasons, you cannot download this file, leave a comment with a valid email address in this post and I will get back to you with the valid link.

NAGIOS 3 with notifications on twitter

I have been experimenting with NAGIOS3 on Ubuntu (I will write a how-to-install on NAGIOS later) and it has served me very good in monitoring my 7 VPS from different providers in different part of the world. I have already recorded 3 hours of downtime from ThrustVPS which is a great deal for me. I now know which VPS has the best time and which ones have hiccups (e.g. my 2Host VPS gave me two unreachable notifications but the VPS was running and still reports the uptime as 4 days).

Since I use twitter more, even when Im on the road, notifications via email is a bit slow for me. Luckily I found a great tutorial online to do that.

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A new home for my Expired Domain Harvesting Project

Update (Apr 22, 2011): Please read my post NordicVPS is down the drain? to learn more about this host before ordering with them.

EXPIREDRUS.COM is a lame name that I will be using for my Expired Domain Harvesting Experiment that I have been doing in the last many weeks. The records I have collected are totally around 5.5million using lighttpd, PHP5 and MySQL (without innodb) on a 128MB XEN PV box with just 5GB of space.

Wow, it will serve me two major purposes

  1. How to manage a small box with challenging low resources
  2. How to manage millions and millions of records in single mysql database table and replicate them to another VPS node.

I am doing all this on a low-budget but extremely powerful XEN VPS from multiple providers including QuickWeb and NordicVPS.

Note: Although, right now the domain name points no-where but I will soon point it to the vps where I am willing to host a public-portal about this.

Spacerich VPS Benchmark

Update (26-Aug-2010): From my experience, they have very huge iowait and hence I/O problems on their VPS servers. You have to wait for like 10-15 seconds for a ‘uptime’ command to execute which is pretty pathetic. So in my opinion, it was useless for me.

Unix Benchmark results from Spacerich (OpenVZ running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit on their Munich, Germany node) using unixbench v 5.1.2

Specs: 256MB / 25GB OpenVZ running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit

Note: Being in Europe, it has the best response time to Asia especially Pakistan

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ThrustVPS XEN HVM Benchmark

Update (25-Aug-2010): Rus Foster from ThrustVPS.com is a blackmailer and a person with low self-esteem. He actually blackmailed me to hand him over certain domain names which he thinks believes is breaching the AUP. My accounts, VPS and the $60 of affiliate commission was terminated. I will advise everyone to KEEP AWAY from Rus Foster and ThrustVPS.com (click here to read the full review)

Unix Benchmark results from ThrustVPS (XEN HVM running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on their West Coast (LA) node) using unixbench v 5.1.2

Specs: 512MB / 15GB XEN HVM running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit

Note: Although the test results from the previous bechmark on their XEN PV is just average, this one is the best benchmark I had on a 512MB VPS ever!

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RackVM Benchmark

Alert: (05-Sep-2010) RackVM is/was a shady business and Ben, owner of RackVM, has run away with hundreds of client’s payments. As of today, all of their nodes are down. Ben just tricked everyone to his per annum offers and ran away with cash in hand. Unfortunately, I was also one of these victims.

Unix Benchmark results from RackVM using unixbench v 5.1.2

Specs: 128MB / 10GB XEN PV running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
The most amazing part? well, I got this VPS for just 6pounds bi-annually (6 months), thats 1 pound per month 🙂

Note: Although their servers are Core2Quad, I have access to 4 cores and the benchmark results (as compared with my QuickWeb 128MB XEN PV) are very good

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