TwitterTweets, a PHP wrapper class for Twitter REST API

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I have just finished hosting my first OpenSource project on Google Code. Its called TwitterTweets. Its a small wrapper API that consumes Twitter REST API. It can be easily included in any PHP script / application to support manipulation of TwitterTweets from a single user. Currently it has the following features Reading updates including or excluding replies. Caching support to store xml/json response locally as a file with cache-timeout Built-in custom Array I will be writing and uploading modules and plugins for Joomla and Wordpress in the coming days. Stay tuned. Project Homepage: Project Discussion Group: Enjoy!
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Windows Live – More Ways to Connect? or annoy?

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Windows Live now supports importing and sending alerts to your FaceBook and LinkedIn buddies and contacts I feel they have tried to get in the social networking business by creating this. It is not too attractive has BUGs, especially related to security because its for everyone (no opt-outs) and other contacts can see and connect to your contacts (if you dont have the proper privacy options enabled which are turned off by default). It sucks!!
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Woman emailed party invites in her sleep

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As featured on YAHOO.COM today, according to a case described in the medical journal Sleep Medicine, a 44-year-old sleepwalker logged onto her computer and emailed out party invitations to friends. Fortean Times magazine looks at this case and several other bizarre episodes of somnambulism. The mails themselves were perhaps not up to the woman’s waking standard; each was in a random mix of upper and lower case characters, badly formatted and containing odd expressions. One read: “Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, Bring wine and caviar only.” Another said simply: “What the…” The writers of the report have dubbed this new variation of sleepwalking ‘zzz-mailing’. They say: “We believe writing an email after turning the computer on, connecting to the Internet and remembering the…
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The power of Globally Recognized Avatar (aka Gravatar)

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Gravatar has a very sleak concept but not many people know and understand it. It is one place for your display pictures and you can use the same at any Gravatar enabled website / application. Gravatar is currently used in Wordpress, Movable Type, Drupal, Joomla and Mac OS X Addressbook. Advantages are mainly on the user end where he/she can change one photo and reflect it in multiple places. It includes support for content-rating etc. Here, I will show how it is implemented in PHP [php] $email = ""; $default = ""; $size = 100; $grav_url = "".md5(strtolower($email)). "&default=".urlencode($default). "&size=".$size; [/php] Now use it in your HTML as [sourcecode language="xml"]<img src="<?php echo $grav_url; ?/>" width="< ?php echo $size; ?>" alt="Gravatar" />[/sourcecode] Simple!! More info at the URLs below…
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Microsoft Vista – Resource Hog

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Most of you already know that Microsoft Vista is a resource hog in terms of disk-space-consuption and memory (RAM) but this is ridiculous. Today I got an alert in Microsoft Vista that my 20G partition is running out of space and has nearly 300MB left in it. I have all my programs installed in a seperate partition AND all my documents / desktop is also in another partition. It was really surprizing for me. I ran Disk Cleanup and it revealed there 2GB can be freed from primary partition where Vista is installed. Here are the screen-shots. It really is a resource hog, but even then I love working in Vista :)
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