World’s Cheapest Windows Laptop

Microsoft and India’s HCL Infosystems said they would work together to develop a Windows-based laptop PC that will be the cheapest available in any market worldwide.

The system, called the MiLeap H Series, will run Windows XP Home and will sell for 17,000 Indian rupees, or about $425 (U.S.). The MiLeap H features a 30-GB hard drive and is “broadband ready,” the companies said in a statement Friday.

Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner, at a launch event in Mumbai, said the offering is meant to “empower Indian consumers and businesses with the latest and best that technology has to offer.”

Microsoft, along with a number of other vendors, is eyeing the low-cost PC market as a major growth opportunity — particularly in emerging markets where average incomes pale compared with the West. The company recently announced that it would extend the life of its Windows XP operating system, but only for deployment on low-cost systems.

Low-cost PCs that run on Linux, from Asus, Everex, and other vendors, also are becoming increasingly popular as some computer users conclude that mainstream systems running the Windows or Macintosh operating systems are overpowered for their needs.

Also on Friday, Microsoft and HCL said they would jointly establish a new Center of Excellence in India, staffed with 500 programmers trained to develop Microsoft-based solutions for various industries in the country.

India is becoming increasingly important to Microsoft — and not just as a source of low-cost programming talent. Domestic spending in India for IT services will grow by about 43% in 2008, according to Indian IT trade group Nasscom.

Source: InformationWeek

Learning the Yahoo User Interface Library

Yahoo User Interface Library

The cool book that i just bought today.

I was previously working with Prototype and Scriptaculous (and im very good at it) and then jQuery. Most recently i have also worked with mootools because i had to create a component for Joomla 1.5.

This week, i had to do something with sliders and had to look into each one of these in more detail. Found out that YUI is far better (and advanced).

If you want to sneak peak before purchasing the book, then visit the official YUI blog and read Sample Chapter from Dan Wellman’s “Learning the Yahoo! User Interface Library”.

Note: Post comments and your criticism below.’s BUG Problem, originally uploaded by asim.zeeshan.

I use for domains, sometimes, and this time when i opened Godaddy, it was showing me someone else’s personal information. I did not even heard of this person before in my life, which tells me its definately godaddy’s bug.

I sent an email to this guy and to godaddy and still no reply from either one till date.

Yahoo Adds Video to Flickr

Yahoo has added support for video to its photo sharing site Flickr.

Yahoo wants users to start sharing videos, shot by still cameras, camcorders and camera phones, as well as photos, and Video on Flickr provides an easy solution for consumers, according to the company.

Video can be up to 90 seconds long, and no more than 150M bytes in size. To upload video you have to be a Flickr Pro user, but everyone can watch.

Users can upload videos directly from mobile phones, and integrate videos and photos into a stream.

There is also an API for third-party developers to create programs or services using authorized video submitted to Flickr.

Whether it will be able to compete with Youtube remains to be seen, but Yahoo thinks there is a huge untapped market of which it can take advantage.

More than 40 percent of consumers between 18 and 44 are capturing personal video clips with their digital cameras, but they are not taking advantage of Web sites to effectively share their videos.

Fifty-five percent of respondents to a survey commissioned by Yahoo said they merely play back video clips for their friends on their camera device or PC, and 20 percent don’t share these clips at all.

Courtesy: PC World